Asset Manager module in SimCorp Dimension: innovations trends

It’s hard to find a customer nowadays, who would be not aware of the Asset Manager module in SimCorp Dimension system. It is the latest element in the evolution chain of portfolio management applications: Position Analysis -> Portfolio Manager -> Portfolio Workbench -> Asset Manager.

With a passage of years, the Asset Manager module inherited unique innovations, which are not present in previous portfolio management modules:

馃敆 Integration with Order Manager, Trade Manager, Compliance Manager, Performance Manager and Risk Manager, so that the clients have all required data for effective portfolio management in a single place

馃殌 Acceleration & centralization of key ratios calculations, using PKR online service and User Defined Key Ratios, so that the application works fast even in case of significant benchmarks or Funds Look Through data

馃挶 Currency overlay/FX hedging & Portfolio rebalancing to automate the regular rebalancing and hedging business operations

馃搵 Support of characteristics based orders to ensure that trading on e.g. bond markets proceeds effectively

馃幆 Strategy management to construct own portfolio optimization & hedging

馃З APIs to interact with external portfolio optimization tools effectively

 Among recent enhancements, presented during #IUCM2022, the following ones were mentioned:

路      Benchmarks are possible to attach above portfolio level (i.e. mandate level) as well as rescale the key ratios, using new benchmark weighs accordingly

路      A more transparent comparison of model and client portfolios via Floating TAA weights, as well as rebalancing, based on Floating TAA weights. As you probably know, in Dimension we deal with Strategic asset allocation (SAAM) and Tactical asset allocation (TAA) weights

路      A new custom strategy applet. It might be used, for example, to control/change portfolio duration, hedge FX risk or cash management. It鈥檚 also expected to be possible to export/import a custom strategy from/to Asset Manager via API

路      Besides a variety of functionalities, Asset manager is definitely about a speed. A solid infrastructure optimization within the Order Manager module was announced 3 years ago. Significant speed improvements regarding orders were also announced in the Asset Manager.

路      Front-to-Back TBA and MBS support

馃椇锔 Roadmap key points:

路 APIs: for example, the portfolio optimization/custom strategy API will continue to evolve)

路      Scalability (to keep processes fast and efficient)

路      Create securities from Asset Manager (what already showed an effectiveness in e.g. Trade Manager module)

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