How to achieve solid results in work

25 of April 2021

Today I read an interesting post:
· Earth age is 4500 million years
· life on the Earth has been existed 3500 million years
· a human being appeared 0.2 million years ago
· the average expectancy of human life is 0.000071 million years

That made me think about what human as individual can achieve within a lifetime, and what impact such achievements really have on our world:

· Once everything, what surrounds us, was just an idea
· A team can definitely produce significantly more results than an individual
· A human life duration doesn’t seem to be even comparable to the age of life existence. In the same time, it is impressive how much a human can achieve with a consistent hard work.

I saw this video today and was impressed by patience and concentration of the artist. Hundreds of work hours resulted in just seconds of created movie. However those seconds may take us into completely another world which seems to be alive. How difficult is it to create a life? Based on figures from above it seems next to impossible.

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Best regards,

Sergii Oliinyk

🌏 SimCorp Dimension Business Analyst & Project Manager