3 simple rules for successful sales strategy

1 of April 2021

Sales process is absolutely crucial for your business success. There are tons of literature about this topic, explaining approaches from psychological mindset to the most complicated techniques. I could categorize all my observations regarding this matter in 3 simple rules:

1)     Product value

Your potential customers have demands, based on problems to solve or targets to reach. Your products are expected to simplify their way to reach their goals on time.

2)     Trust

There are many problems and solutions, so many that your clients dream to choose the right one and avoid wasting time on checking all of them. That “right one” must bring the expected & reliable result on time. A true trust is not possible to buy, but it is possible to earn it by concrete successful achievements.

3)     Hearing the client

The majority of business models provide a specific supply, based on existing demand. The ability to listen to your clients plays an important role in providing the appropriate supply.

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